Life in the UK

I promised that I would start a blog back when I arrived in 2009 but life got busy with new immigrant stuff. Like, trying to find a job and navigating the aisles of Tesco to find common household items and figuring out how to order a sandwich without mayo and dealing with sideways rain, etc. You get the picture. Then life kept on happening and now here I am two years later finally doing my part to keep my mom and grandmother involved in my life in the UK.

Speaking of ‘Life in the UK’ I booked my test for 9 February 2012. This is a required test for all residents of the UK hoping to gain permanent residency or ‘indefinite leave to remain’. The test itself isn’t difficult but outcome of not passing is severe – no visa renewal. Of course I can re-sit the exam but that’s another £50. It’s a similar feeling to the Californian high school exit exam. I knew I could pass it, but the importance of the test meant that I had to pass it and that was the intimidating part. Pass this test or we’re keeping you in high school and you could be a 22 year old senior. Now it’s pass this test or leave the country. I have an even more important reason that I should be fine on this exam and that is my major in British history. My major in modern British history. My thesis topic.


The pressure is on and tomorrow’s plans are sorted.

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