American Chocolate Chip Cookies

Decided to make chocolate chip cookies with the Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chips I brought back from the States. My mom was never a big baker of sweets but she would occasionally indulge us by baking up the cookies on the back of the package. Having made stuffed shells from my mom’s recipe for dinner I thought I would continue the theme and make the cookies for dessert.

The only conversion I had to do was for the butter. Sticks of butter here are more like cubes of butter and they come in cubes of 250 grams. After using my conversion app I estimated that 250g of butter would be approximately 1 cup/two sticks. I know you’re never supposed to estimate when it comes to baking but I know the texture of the butter/sugar combo quite well so I knew I could make it work. So many memories of trying to steal bites of that amazing combo and my mom shooing me away. Still haven’t bought an electric mixer over here or a handheld electric mixer so I had to mix the soft butter and sugar by hand. Definitely need to make a note to buy a handheld from Argos next time I am in town. It’s not only baking, I’ve had to manually whip egg whites into stiff peaks more times than I’d like to remember.

From my memories of my mom making these cookies she only had to do 2 or 3 batches. While checking the baking time I noticed this recipe makes 5 dozen cookies!  My baking sheet (and oven) only fits, at the most, 9 cookies at a time. I never thought our oven was small by American standards but I think I’ve been cooking with British recipes for too long. My kitchen cannot handle a big soccer mom batch of American chocolate chip cookies. I’m going to have to do at least 6 batches. I started this at 9 pm. Thankfully I have no work tomorrow or I would be up all night baking cookies.

Update at 12ish. It really didn’t take that long. Now I’m just up because I had a bottle of Diet Coke while waiting for the cookies to bake and I can’t fall asleep.

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