Craving Coffee

I’m craving coffee. Black please. I think my last cup was one month ago on my last day of work. Tea is just too easy to make in the morning when neither Danny nor my dad are here to make me a cup of coffee.

Even though I loved to moan about the vile tasting coffee from the office kitchen, I had a cup everyday without fail. Our canteen had a Starbucks/deli station but the 2.80 latte didn’t taste that much different than the free stuff from the machine.

I’ve not found a great coffee shop here in Glasgow. I still rely on the occasional Starbucks when I’m out in town but my coffee consumption is nothing like what it was in the States. I don’t start my Saturday mornings with a latte and I never grab an iced latte for a mid afternoon pick-me-up. Oh how I miss Blackhorse.

I remember the first time Danny picked up instant coffee at the supermarket I was absolutely aghast. That kind of stuff does not belong in our house! But it belongs in a British household and we didn’t have a coffee machine yet, so I relented. And sometimes when making tea Danny would ask for a cup of coffee and I had to learn how to make the instant stuff.  I get it, it’s really easy. It’s also devoid of any real coffee taste. When I was in high school one of my best friends was a big fan of the sci-fi/modern romance novels written by J.D. Robb. The books were set in the mid-21st century where coffee and butter were scarce and considered the ultimate luxury. The affordable stuff was fake coffee made of vegetable oils and other substitutes. I had never had instant coffee in high school but I now know what sort of dystopian reality the author was talking about.

We eventually got a coffee machine and grinder for our flat. The next hurdle in this quest was procuring quality coffee beans. In the States, getting coffee means a trip to your local coffee shop or grocery store where you can get whole beans or your choice of espresso or regular grind. If you’re already in the coffee shop for your daily cappuccino, perfect, no effort necessary!

In the UK I don’t think I know anyone else with a proper coffee maker. The love of the kettle (to be discussed in the future) has probably prevented the coffee machine from gaining in popularity here. It would also explain the half aisle of tea selection and the half shelf selection of whole coffee beans. Danny and I have bought a couple of different types of beans and our favorite has to be the purple bag of Fairtrade Colombian beans from Asda.  The best for nice, simple, black cup of drip coffee, grinded and brewed by my husband on a Sunday morning with the papers.

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