My mecca, my Target

I uploaded all my vacation photos to Facebook a few weeks ago, labeling nearly every picture with food as ‘Reason #93834 I miss America”. Only one non-food picture got that  caption and that was the below.


There’s nothing in the UK that compares to Target. Maybe a mix of Tesco/Matalan with the quality of Next but cheaper prices. It’s one of those stores that you visit intending to only buy a bottle of lotion and then you walk out an hour later and $100 poorer. I love it.

When I was in school the nearest Target was 30 minutes away and in the same town as the nearest Costco. As a normal 90’s family, we shopped at Costco for TP, paper towels and all the free samples. A trip to Costco every few months meant a trip to Target. A pilgrimage to Target in my mind. I think all the makeup and CDs of my teenage years came from these trips. And most of my cardigan wardrobe.

Target was there for me when I moved out for dorm life. Closet shoe organizers, shower caddy, umbrella for my new rainy life in Portland, notebooks. And more cardigans for my new college student wardrobe.


So collegiate!

A couple of years later I moved out of the dorms and into a house with three other girls. Now I could get into the Target homeware! We had thrift store/Craigslist furniture but I could go to Target and buy laundry detergent, a new lamp, pens, potato chips, mascara and the new issue of Cosmo! Brilliant. Danny will protest that Tesco serves the same purpose but personally I think there’s too much food at Tesco.

We finally got a Target in my home town a year ago. The slow growth enthusiasts voted against it for all those years. When I went back in November I went at least 4 times and bought a lot of clothes and toiletries. And some new cardigans for work! I didn’t have any luggage space to take stuff back for the flat but it was nice to look at everything and be jealous of what my American friends could buy for their apartments. At the end I got a soft pretzel. That part is definitely better than Tesco, Matalan and Next combined.

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