Go raffle a donut

After being here for 2.5 years I consider myself pretty fluent in Scottish. I’m able to understand everyone and I can even explain Scotttish words or phrases to my English colleague.

Sometimes though, I hear an all new saying that makes me doubt whether a foreigner will ever be proficient in Scottish. Danny’s mom phoned him while we were in the car tonight so the call went to Bluetooth speaker. We talked about weekend plans, etc and she invited us over for dinner tomorrow. I have a BBQ with some friends so only Danny accepted her invitation for dinner. (He’s not coming to the BBQ as these are my friends and I’m very proud of having friends that I made all by myself in a brand new country.) We talked for a bit more and then ended the conversation with her wishing me good weather for the BBQ.

My husband then interjects, “I don’t! I hope it pisses down.”

“Och*, away to raffle your donut. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

After she hung up I had to have Danny repeat what she said. Raffle? Rattle? Did she say donut? I can’t figure this one out at all. After he stopped laughing he explained it’s a very Glaswegian phrase and the best translation is ‘oh stop being so silly’ but implying that you should bug off and go do something’s more useful, like raffle off a baked good.

*Och is a Scottish way of saying oh.

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