Rainy 4th

Summer in Glasgow is nonexistent. I didn’t believe anyone when they tried to tell me that Scotland doesn’t get a summer, save for a week or so in May where the temperature might reach 23 C for a day. I thought at least the temperature would warm up a bit and the sun would come out for the months of June and July. I wasn’t asking for 100 F degree weather or pool weather or even shorts weather. Just a a bit of a change from overcast skies and rain.

So because I am ever the optimist (not really I just forgot on my way out the door) I didn’t bring an umbrella to work on Wednesday and ended up like this.


I was soaked!! After I got back to work I had to sit like that until quitting time and slowly dry off. Glasgow not only manages to be cool and overcast but a bit humid in the summer as well. I was a clammy, damp mess by the time I got home. And my hair was all frizzy! This California girl has never had to deal with that before. I never used to understand what people meant by humidity causing bad hair. I definitely do now.

In order to cheer myself up I made margaritas for the 4th of July and since there was a sombrero on the cap of our tequila I tried to get Fernando to wear it. He wasn’t amused at all but I thought it was hysterical and it definitely ended my rainy 4th on a happy note!


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