Skyping With Pets

We’re taking care of my sister-in-law’s dog this week, a sweet Lhasa Apso named Holly. A year or so ago my grandma got a dog, a Lhasa Apso named Aly. So when my mom went down to visit my grandma this week she brought her computer and the dogs got to meet over Skype.


We didn’t have our weekly Skype date last week but this was clearly not an occasion to be missed. Aly’s a bit more of a SoCal, spoiled princess but I think they would be great doggie friends if they met in real life! I do this sometimes (almost always) with Fernando as well. Hold him up to the screen, make him say hello, try to make him stay in my lap for the whole call. My mom will often try and find Dodger, the family cat, to say hi as well. He’s getting old though so he’s not always up for long Skype convos. Being far away from people is hard but at least they can come and visit! I’d love to be able to bring Fernando with us so he could visit California and I suppose it’d be good to have crotchety old Dodger over for a visit as well!

And no, my mom and I aren’t the only animal mad people in the family. Danny took the picture – he’s right into this as well, don’t let him tell you any different!

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