My Walk Home

The sun finally came out for a day and since I wasn’t able to get out for a lunchtime walk, I decided to walk home. Although I only live about 30 minutes away from city centre I hardly ever walk to/from work as the train is just too easy. When I do actually make the journey I’m always in a good mood – happy because the sun is out and chuffed that I managed to resist the lure of the train station and make the healthy choice. It’s a win/win combination but the train has won more times than I’d like to admit.

Since I was in an extra good mood today because of my impending holiday I took some time to photograph my journey. It started out great but toward the end I just felt like the weirdo taking pictures of the gas station and I put my phone away. I’ll need to get used to documenting my Glasgow life for posterity and my blog!


Walking through Glasgow’s waterfront/river walk/whatever it’s called. I love having this area just blocks from my work. When I have time for a long lunch and it’s sunny, this is where I’ll (and hundreds of other office workers) head.


The rest of my walk home is all through an old, abandoned industrial area. Would be super creepy to walk through at night but it looks alright in the sun. When my dad visited he remarked on all the plants growing out of the buildings’ windows. This area has been deserted for awhile and I’m not sure if anyone plans on doing anything with it.


There’s a few shops still open. Some large furniture stores and then smaller stores in the arches under the railway. Lots of wholesale clothing businesses and electronic shops.


The last leg of my journey takes me under the M74 overpass. This freeway was opened in 2011 and makes it super easy for Danny to get to work in the morning. Nice! But I absolutely hate walking under it, I have a completely irrational fear that it’ll cave in and fall on me, LA earthquake movie style.


The walk’s alright and I should be doing it more often. Depending on the train schedule and when I leave work it’s only about 5 or 10 minutes longer and a lot better for me!

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