Scotland v Serbia

Even a year ago I honestly never thought I’d be committing so much time to watching football. I hated the game and thought it was really boring and a time waster (I already have too many of those). But since the beginning of this summer I’ve watched and attended more games than I ever have in my life!

Saturday afternoon was the Scotland v Serbia World Cup qualifier game. Scotland hasn’t been in the World Cup since 1998 and they really, really want it. Danny and I watched the game with a friend of ours, Stevie and we were absolutely packed into the pub. I met Danny and Stevie about halfway into the game and had to phone Danny at the entrance of the pub to find out where they were standing. We went to The Auctioneers, just off George Square and I don’t know if it was so crowded just because of the game or if it was because of the game and the fact that The Auctioneers has cheap drink. As per tradition they also offer a free halftime buffet. Usually pubs will just put on a round of meat pies but this place had sandwiches, sausage rolls and pizza. I had just eaten lunch but Danny was well impressed. They also started playing a bunch of Scottish songs like The Proclaimers, Runrig’s Loch Lomond, Simple Minds, etc to get everyone into the spirit. Unfortunately we tied! Scotland will continue to play matches against Macedonia, Wales and a few other countries in our group in order to see if we make it to Brazil 2014.

After the game we met up with another friend, Davie, who had just finished playing a football game of his own. While deciding where to move onto next, someone suggested cocktails and we ended up at Glasgow’s favourite American import, T.G.I. Friday’s. I got a huge long island iced tea to start but could’t finish it and ordered a Silver Mercedes instead. It was delicious! I think it was champagne, vodka, some sort of fruit juice and orange sherbet.




Just some photos off my iPhone. I’m trying to be better about taking pictures even if I do get some weird looks off Danny’s friends.

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  1. joel martinez

     /  September 11, 2012

    I’m so happy you’re starting to enjoy the beautiful game.


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