Care Package

Although I graduated college a few years ago, I still get care packages as an expat. It’s great! And sometimes essential as I get sent products that don’t exist in the UK but that I couldn’t live without.

This time I needed new contacts from my optometrist and had placed an order at J.Crew to be sent to my parents’ house. I told my mom to just send the contacts and J.Crew blazer in a padded envelope, but she insisted on a full box and really, who am I to argue?

American junk food! The caramel apple pops remind me so, so much of my mom. We would easily go through a bag a week when I was in high school. I’m saving the Red Vines for the new Bond flick and Danny’s under the impression that the Flaming Hot Cheetos are all his (he’s incorrect).

Two of the things I miss the most from the US start with a T. I’ve mentioned Target on this blog before but Trader Joe’s is the other big one. I’m not sure if the fruit leathers are from TJ’s but they’re definitely in the same category.  Danny had no idea what they were. I’m sending one in his lunch tomorrow so his co-workers can get a laugh out of all the healthy, hippie food his Californian wife packs for him. I’m pretty sure they’ve all learned what quinoa, sprouts and blacks beans are because of me.

Not pictured – amazing chocolate pumpkin pie bark that was quickly devoured while watching Friday night TV, magazines and deodorant. Yes, deodorant! I love the UK’s drug store beauty products  but I cannot get on board with aerosol deodorant or their version of the stick. I never feel like I get enough coverage with aerosol (plus spraying it absolutely freaks the cat out) and the UK stick deodorant always feels wet and gloopy as soon as it’s on.

I really wish it was possible to send sourdough bread, frozen yogurt, and In’n’Out but you can’t have everything! Makes it all that much sweeter when you do!

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