Back to the Homelands!

It’s official! Tickets have been booked, family and friends have been informed and we’re already making dinner/lunch reservations for all our favorite spots. Danny and I are headed back to California in January for his 30th birthday.

Our last trip to the States was in November 2011. That was the big trip. We booked months in advance, saved up like crazy, planned a detailed, busy itinerary and by the time I arrived on American soil, it had been almost two years since I left. The anticipation for that trip was huge. I had left the States in December 2009 as a new bride and I was arriving back, two years later, full of expectation for what I left behind and excitement for everything new in my life. I’m sure I totally did Danny’s head in talking about what to wear and what to do and what would have changed and what wouldn’t have changed, etc.

When I finally did make it back all my nerves and worrying were for nothing. It was a perfect trip. Strangely, I felt no different than when I left in 2009. I fitted seamlessly back into my old life and it was great to catch up with old friends to reconnect. I had an amazing time with my family and got to eat all the American food I could ever want in my wardrobe full of new J.Crew, Banana Republic and Forever 21 clothes.

I know this trip will be just as amazing. The countdown is on and I can’t wait for 2 weeks of everything I love.

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