Freezing in Glasgow

Winter is here. We had a light snowfall on Sunday night and the general ice/slush has stuck around. It’s also FREEZING. Even with the high duty central heating at work, I’m wearing boots and wool or cashmere sweaters all day long. It’s so cold I need to upgrade my tights. It’s so cold I’m wearing slippers around the house. It’s so cold that not even my 100% goose down duvet is keeping me warm at night. It’s so cold, etc, etc.

I don’t know if this winter is colder than the last couple or if I just can’t hack it anymore. Last year around this time I had already got my winter sun in from the November trip, but this time I have a bit longer to wait. However, anticipation doesn’t keep you warm and there’s no guarantee of good weather in January, even in California. I could pine for sunny skies and warm temps but end up with a typical SoCal January rainstorm.

Everyone else complains about the weather as well but I suppose you get used to it or are used to it if you’re born here. I was delighted by the snow when I first got here but that delight turned to annoyance once I had to get out and get to work. Train delays, wet shoes, cold nose, bad traffic, nightfall at 3:30. Not really what I imagined when I dreamed of a white Christmas or a proper winter season.

The upsides are the warm winter delights that I can finally truly enjoy in a cold climate.

I might have had Nutcracker Spice tea in California but coming in from the freezing rain (and yes this is an actual thing, not just really cold rain or snow) and making a cup never tasted so good.

Wearing boots to work.

I get to turn on our Christmas lights at 3:00 and enjoy them all evening.

Snow days! Although yesterday I told my manager that I could walk into work if needed so I have struck down any chance of a snow day for myself.

Mulled wine is the ultimate winter warmer.

I still like to watch snow fall. When it sticks and turns to ice? That’s the annoying bit that I understand now.

Christmas! After spending 20 plus years in sunny California for the holiday, a white Christmas feels really special.

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