12 Days of Christmas and counting…

Since we’re going for a visit back home in January, Danny and I have set a strict budget for our Christmas gifts to each other. We want a little something to open up on Xmas day but both know our real present is California. However, I’m still getting fully into the run-up to the holiday and the Christmas spirit. I love the festive season in Glasgow.

On Saturday Danny and I finished up Christmas shopping for the kids. This meant lots of boring toy shopping but I did have some fun picking out my teenage niece’s gift. I know nothing about Moshi Monsters and the newest Legos but I do know Topshop, New Look and Miss Selfridge. Usually I don’t like New Look’s jewelry but I found a pretty cool necklace for my niece in there and dropped major hints to Danny about another. When I got up to the till, the cashier told me it was BOGOF on all jewelry and so I rushed to grab my free present to myself.

burgundy bubble necklace

Yes it’s a direct copy of the wildly popular J.Crew bubble necklace. Although I’m about a year behind in this trend, it doesn’t matter in Glasgow! The J.Crew look isn’t very popular over here. There’s no J.Crew stores obviously, so the whole J.Crew/Jenna Lyons aesthetic never caught on. Glaswegians wouldn’t bother with understated glamour anyway. They just do full-on glamour.

Sunday was another day for wintery things. The local activity centre reopened in Danny’s home town so we took his niece ice skating.

skating rink

I had planned on going skating too but got there and realize the rink was way overcrowded. I can barely skate on my own so I sat this one out and got a latte in the swim center’s cafe. It was humid, 80 degrees and smelled like summer. I could have spent the entire day there.

To end the weekend I wrapped presents while watching Elf and The X Factor final. I’ve been here for three finals now and it’s almost becoming a new tradition. Shameful, but true! It’s just part of the British Christmas.

christmas tree

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