Two more days to go

Ventured into town as soon as the shops opened yesterday. Danny’s work schedule allowed him to drop me off at Sauchiehall Street and I spent the next four hours wandering around Glasgow, shopping and running errands. Running errands is such an American thing to say, btw. The Glasgow/west of Scotland term would be ‘get the messages’. Although I think that relates more to food shopping not general running around town trying to get a bunch of random stuff done.

And I did get a bunch of stuff done along with today’s trip into town. I bought US dollars, Mexican pesos, dropped my jeans off at the tailors and bought presents and warm socks for the flight. Yesterday afternoon I walked home but today it started snowing a bit so I got myself on a train as quickly as I could. It’s freezing out there! We haven’t had much snowfall this year so I’m really hoping the snow doesn’t show up this week and mess up flights.

So looking forward to the sunshine.


It’ll be cold at night but I think I can handle that with some wine and cute new sweaters from all the shopping I’ll be doing.

Two more days. Dinner tonight will be chicken and Israeli cous cous salad but our food supplies are dwindling and I think it’s going to be a mish mash of eggs and left over veg from here on out.

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  1. Cindy PM

     /  January 16, 2013

    The weather is certainly cooperating!


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