Almost Ready to Go

It’s freezing today. Bright and sunny and absolutely freezing. The south of the country is blanketed with snow, including Heathrow Airport. This makes me very nervous. Not only do we have to fly from Heathrow to LAX tomorrow afternoon, we also have to make our GLA to Heathrow flight in the morning.

BBC reports that Heathrow has cleared both runways and there’s no snow forecast for tonight/tomorrow morning. Glasgow also has no snow forecast until tomorrow afternoon. I think that as long as today’s delays don’t overflow into tomorrow we should be fine. I hope so. I really, really hope.

In anticipation of delays in the airport, on the runway, during the 10 hour flight, I stopped by the library this afternoon to pick up a few books.


1. Before I Go to Sleep – S.J. Watson
2. Fingersmith – Sarah Waters
3. How to Be a Woman – Caitlin Moran
4. Um, obviously not from the library but my guilty pleasures for when I’m flying – weekly celebrity tabloids.

I like easy reading when traveling. With the multitude of movies and TV shows and distractions at my fingertips on a flight and while waiting at the airport, I need a fun book that will engage me and make time pass quickly. I used to be able to read anything on a flight but I no longer have the patience. My attention span is zip on an airplane. Too excited for everything. Mini bottles of wine! The newest cheesy romantic comedy that’s not hit the UK! Trashy mags! And of course, going to America!

I’m pretty much ready to go at this point so I hope we make our flights. I finished packing and my bag is 12 pounds underweight! I just need to finish packing my carry-on with the last minute stuff. Toothbrush, iPad charger, etc. Danny just dropped the cat off at his mom’s and is coming back with either pizza or an Indian meal. We ate pretty well in the past couple of days but now the only food left in the fridge is a few bottles of Coors Light, mustard and some yogurt. I took a bath last night and painted my nails, but I’m just finishing the top coat as I write this. My flight outfit is laid out, the flat is spotless, the snow just needs to stay away and I’ll be ready to go.

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