Edna Valley Wine Tasting

One of my most favorite activities EVER is wine tasting. Not only do I love wine, but my hometown’s local wineries are full of memories and make me feel like I’m truly at home. Growing up with vineyards and wineries practically in my back yard I always took this for granted. As a teenager I was dragged on countless wine tasting trips when relatives were in town and had nothing more to do than browse the gift shop. But I think those pre-legal years were slowly influencing me because once I turned 21 I was a full convert. Wine tasting is like a posh pub crawl – it’s fun, it’s perfect for any occasion and there’s no gross bar bathrooms to deal with.

I’ve been wine tasting with girlfriends on Valentine’s Day, wine tasting for pick-up parties with my dad and I even organized a pre-wedding wine tasting day for 20 people from around California and Scotland. Every time I come back to the States, wine tasting is definitely on the schedule.

This year, we took an afternoon to hit our favorite Edna Valley wineries and then took another day to drive out to Paso Robles and explore the wineries off the 46 East.

Edna Valley is home to one of my favorite wineries, Tolosa. Edna Valley’s climate is conducive to great Pinot Noir and I think Tolosa’s Pinot is the best. We went on a Saturday so they were quite busy, but we kept ourselves occupied with the photobooth while waiting. I had trouble locating the camera both times and my dad wasn’t fully in the shot, but we got there, sorta!



After Tolosa we continued on to Claiborne and Churchill. They’re known for their Alsatian style whites although we ended up buying more Pinot Noir and a very cool wine grape varietal chart that’s going up in our kitchen. It looks really classy but it’s basically a scientific periodic table for winos.


Fun fact – my dad built this winery. It was one of the first straw bale buildings and naturally insulates the room to keep the wine barrels at the optimum temperature.


Our last stop of the day was Baileyana. We quickly tasted here as they were closing for the day and then my mom and I went outside to photograph the area. It’s so beautiful there. I miss it. I miss it more every year I’m gone. I’m not ready to hop back on a plane to California tomorrow but I know it’s in my plans for the future.


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