I am so glad that March is here. February is the shortest month but a lot can go on in 28 days. I usually feel like March has snuck up on me but this year I feel like we are truly well and deep into 2013. 2012 seems far away and I am ready for spring and a new beginning.

Having said that, the day to day hasn’t been that busy. I tidy in the morning, job search in the afternoon and find (a lot of) time to cook and read for pleasure. I also have been sending Danny out for the groceries as it hasn’t gotten warm enough yet to want to wander around in this weather. Today was good though! I’m hopeful that spring is here.


1. My chicken curry from last Sunday. Even though I’m home all of the day I still use my slow cooker 2 or 3 times a week – it’s just too easy.

2. Went on a Forever 21 shopping spree while I was home and then three weeks later I found these earrings and about 6 empty earring holders in the pocket of a blazer I bought. Looks like someone used the blazer for some sneaky shoplifting! I guess this leftover pair weren’t worth it. I would have been mortified if the sales assistant had found them while he was ringing me up.

3. Fernando’s Saturday morning. I think he loves weekend mornings more than we do.

4. Finished Gone Girl this morning. I LOVED it. Read a lot of reviews with people hating on the ending but I thought it was absolutely perfect. I thought Nick and Amy were both amazing characters – some of my favorites from recent reads, up there with the characters from The Marriage Plot. The book itself was even better in some ways because the story was a lot more compelling than The Marriage Plot.

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