Dim Sum Saturday

Last Saturday I upped my game and went out to dinner with TWO Americans. Both work at my old employer and we all found each other by our colleagues pushing us to meet. I was pretty sure I knew all the Americans at old employer, but a couple more have joined since I left and one of my old colleagues made sure to make the introductions. I think it’s cute how eager everyone seems to be about getting the Americans together. I imagine this is how it works with expat Australians or various European nationalities but the relative scarcity of us means that it seems to be more of a find for the introducer. “You’re American! Do you know the American on the 4th floor?!” 

Anyway, we went in search of dim sum for dinner and took a taxi out to See Woo which is basically a Costco sized Asian market. This place is huge. So big that I never knew that they have a restaurant in the back that can sit 500 people. I think they do wedding receptions in there so all the tables are set up for 8/10 people and there’s a huge stage at the front draped in red and gold tapestries with 4 foot Chinese characters hung up. There’s also a 90’s pop CD on repeat and since we took our time having dinner we got to listen to it 3 separate times. Lucky us!

The food was really good and even though dim sum was only on the menu as an appetizer I totally enjoyed it. This was my first time having it, not sure how I’ve gone 26 years without trying it at all! One of my friends said that the full dim sum menu is on during the day so I might have to go back for lunch. 

We had hoped to shop the market bit after dinner but it was closed by the time we finished.    It was still too early to call it a night so I suggested getting a drink in the city centre. We went to St. Jude’s on Bath Street, ever my favorite since they once had Anchor Steam beer (from SF) on tap. I don’t even like beer but I do like San Francisco so they win in my book. 

On Sunday we went to Danny’s mom’s house as it was British Mother’s Day. All the family was over and we got fed massive amounts of food. She also seemed to have a never ending supply of wine for ladies and even though I think it was because of the Mother’s Day celebrations she kept filling my glass up as well. It was snowing and hailing like crazy that day so I’ve basically been hibernating since then. I refuse to accept that kind of weather by the middle of March. 



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