Chicken achari

Since we’re not going to be in Scotland FOREVER I’m taking this time to master a few Scottish recipes so I can easily replicate them in the States. I’m satisfied with my steak pie and my next dish is actually Indian. Glasgow has been named the Curry Capital of Britain four times and a local restaurant claims to have invented chicken tikka masala. I know you can get Indian food in the States and I’m not even going attempt to know about authentic Indian food in India, but nothing beats a proper British curry.

My favorite is chicken achari or achari murgh. It’s a curry cooked with typical Indian pickling spices and actually can be made with either lamb or chicken. I’ve had pickle as a condiment at Indian restaurants in States but over here you can get big containers in all flavours – from hot to mango to lime. I love it. I ate it out of the jar on Ryvita crackers until I discovered that our local Indian does a curry. Chicken achari is now my usual for a Saturday night in with a glass of wine and some garlic naan. Yesterday, I decided to try making it for myself as I had a package of chicken thighs that needed cooking and I obviously have the time! I used this recipe and it came out great.


I got all the spices at the local Asian shop around the corner. This place has everything. There’s a few Lebanese recipes I want to try that call for pomegranate molasses and this place has it! They have cheap spices, cheap cilantro and they get fresh Morton’s rolls delivered every morning. They only thing they’re missing is wine and cheese but fair enough I guess. I can make the 10 minute walk for wine.

To expand on the food theme I’m so excited for this weekend – we’re going to Viva Brazil for Sunday lunch. I went last summer and got WAY too full, so this time I’m going with a game plan. I’m not going to shun the salad bar but I’m going to take it easy on the carbs and not have any fruity sugary cocktails until after dinner (if I can manage).

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  1. Cindy PM

     /  March 15, 2013

    Yum. I am cooking it this weekend!

  2. Thanks for trying my recipe. The picture looks really good. – Denny @ OhTastensee


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