Unemployment to Canary Wharf

So, since my last post:

– I got struck down with the flu and spent my week before work in bed, watching TV and Netflix and moaning. On the bright side I watched all three seasons of Downton Abbey and the Godfather trilogy.

– Started work on April 1 and due to a variety of circumstances ended up being almost the most senior member of the team.

– Told that I might need to go down to London to train for a week or two, sometime in April.

– Trip was finalised on Wednesday, left on Sunday and now I’m here for three weeks!

Oh and I spent the weekend in Coatbridge for an engagement party and had to catch my flight to London very tired and praying that I had remembered to pack everything. The flight was BA from Glasgow to London City Airport and it was so easy. I got to check a huge bag, got a free drink and snack and the distance from the airport to Canary Wharf is literally 15 minutes. Of course I got the only London cabbie who doesn’t know the area that well so the trip was more like 30 minutes, but I finally got into my flat and set out to explore the area before work on Monday.

Since then it’s been days at the office and evenings trying to navigate around this tiny area of London that is packed with huge banks, busy people and more food choices than the whole of Scotland. I’m in a serviced apartment so it’s nice to be settled in and feel at home here. I’m currently doing a load of laundry and all my clothes and stuff are all put away in dressers and drawers. I eat breakfast in the flat but am taking advantage of all the aforementioned food choices for lunch and dinner. So far I’ve had fro-yo, sushi, a spicy tofu wrap and goat’s cheese ravioli. Hoping that my walk to work and back will cancel all this out.


A quick snap on my walk. This beats ScotRail any day!

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