I KonMaried my clothes today. It amazes me that just 18 months ago I got rid of four huge Ikea bags full of clothes, and I still ended up with a pretty hefty pile today. I am the worst at getting rid of things but this method works out for me. It’s probably all the anthropomorphism going on, to be honest. I loved thanking my clothes for what they had done for me. All the attachment I had to a ratty old college t-shirt that was stained and probably smelled a bit? Gone. All the nostalgia I felt for countless Forever 21 dresses (really long shirts now that I think about it)? Gone. My closet is now a random assortment of joy sparking clothes.


Not sure where my style is going to go from here. I kept that top shirt because it looks good on and it’s my guilty pleasure that reminds me of a Real Housewives of the OC top. Does it “go” with the rest of my wardrobe, no. I was also pretty joyful about a pair of metallic blue jeans but no clue where I would wear those. That’s another reason I like this method. I could never get on board with the 20 piece wardrobe or whatever. I can keep the random outfit choices that I love and still feel organised.

There’s more to come though! This whole process was started because of our impending move. I thought I would get all our packing done today but I still need to KonMari my jewellery, shoes, makeup, magazines, kitchenware and books. We get the keys to our place next weekend, move in the following weekend and I do not want to bring any joyless objects in the new house.

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  1. Cindy

     /  June 28, 2015

    I’m impressed. I am definitely trying this method!

  2. tuffy@cox.net

     /  June 28, 2015

    Alexandra you are a hoot!!!!need pic,s of new castle!!!


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