About Me

Hi! Welcome to American Lex. I’m Alexandra, an American living and working in Glasgow with my Scottish husband Danny. I was supposed to start up a blog shortly after my move, but only got around to it a couple of years later. Yes, I am the ultimate procrastinator.

Originally from California, I moved to Glasgow after getting married in October 2009. Danny and I met during my college study abroad and kept in touch after I left. 8 years, many transatlantic flights and Skype calls later, and here I am!

I went to university in Portland, Oregon where I studied history and communication. Currently, I’m in an industry that has zero to do with what I studied, but it works for now. I started this blog to document all the things that are amazing in my life and hopefully along the way I can figure out what I’m passionate about.

This blog details my regular Glasgow life, my missing home expat life and my sometimes travels-in-Europe life. I’m also likely to talk about my favorite things such as red wine, Mexican food and my cat Fernando.

Please email me at theweefamilia (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions, concerns, ideas, a rant, a rave or just a hello!

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