I’m up, now where’s my medal?

Danny and I woke up at 6:30 this morning to go to a car boot sale. A swap meet/flea market for the Americans. This was sort of a silly idea as we have plans to go out later tonight and now we’re both shattered.

I’ve been reading DIY blogs all this week and Danny’s been getting into home brewing (more on that later) so we went bright and early to see what we could find. Not so bright actually, as even though I’ve been off work for a whole month, I discovered that it’s still dark at 7 am.

Car boot sales in Scotland have the same sort of people just trying to offload their junk but there’s also quite a few stalls with stuff that ‘just fell off the back of a lorry’. There’s also still some pubs in Glasgow where you can place an order with the dodgy guy in the back for a certain iPod or mobile phone, etc and then have it delivered before your next round of drinks. Danny says that this happens in the rough pubs in the east end. I think it sounds like an episode of ‘Only Fools and Horses’ and only reinforces the idea that living in the UK is as much fun as it seems on TV.



Not so interested in the cutlery set, but I’ll take the coat!

No new MP3 players for us though. I ended up buying a mirror for 5 pounds that I plan to spray paint dark purple to give it that DIY edge.

To continue our morning we decided to get breakfast in a greasy spoon cafe. The problem here was that nothing was open before 9 am. I was miffed. If I’m going be up and at ’em by 7, I expect other people to be as well! Where are all the morning people that everyone is always going on about? I did see a few people, a lone dog walker and the random weirdos that roam around and talk to themselves no matter what time it is.

I fully expected there to be loads of people out and about, being motivated, successful and happy. All the things that are promised if you’re an early riser! My dad gets up every morning at 5 to go swimming and has a bunch of buddies, but I suspect that this is an American thing. Scottish people do it differently. The only thing you get if you wake up early on a Saturday in Scotland is darkness, freezing rain and the possibility of bumping into people who haven’t even finished the night before. Which really is the proper Glaswegian way to meet the early morning and perhaps I’ll try that tonight.