Two weeks ago my friend Suzanne and I took a quick Friday-Monday trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. The trip was made even more quick by our day spent in Sweden, just a short train ride away.

My knowledge of Sweden before this trip was limited to Ikea and the American Girl doll Kirsten but I really enjoyed my short time there and would love to go back one day. I’ve heard the countryside is beautiful and Stockholm is supposed to be an amazing city for a weekend break.

Sturday morning we walked over to Copenhagen’s Central Station and purchased tickets to Malmo, the Swedish city across the sea. The tickets were around £20 return and the trip took about 45 minutes.

When we arrived at Malmo’s Central we wandered round for a bit, trying to find the quickest route to the beach. We stumbled on Malmo’s main square.



malmo flower shop

Not waiting to miss out on any beach time we eventually asked for directions and hopped on a bus with loads of other people heading to the beach, Ribersborg, along the coast of Öresund, for the day.

Malmo beach

Ribersborgs Kallbadhus, an open air bath house built in 1898.


My view for the day. There were a lot of people at the beach but it didn’t feel crowded.

On the way back we decided to walk it and got to see more of Malmo and its parks.


These seemed to be little fish shops. Perhaps they’re open in the morning or during the week?


malmo's flowers

Love these black velvet petunias.

Malmö Museer

Malmö Museer. The city’s museum housed in an old citadel built in the 1400’s.



We did a bit of shopping before catching the train back to Copenhagen and I ended up buying a pair of tennis shoes. My first pair of shoes with laces since I was in college! They came in very handy the next day when we had an epic walk around Copenhagen.