Back to life, back to reality

We’re back! That shouldn’t be an exclamation point as much as a sad face but I’m slowly warming up to our return to the UK. We got back Tuesday afternoon and I have been in a zombie like state since then. I think I finally kicked it by sleeping 11:30 pm to 3:00 pm yesterday. It’s amazing how jet lag can affect you when there’s really nothing to get up for!

Our flight back went much more smoothly than our flight over, but that’s a story for another post. We got the 4:30 pm flight out of LAX on British Airways and I passed the time by watching movies and reading my new American magazines. Checking in and getting to the airport was fine, but LAX was crazy busy. Maybe it’s because we were flying out on a Monday but it seemed weird, like there was some mass exodus out of LA.

The wait for security was the longest I’ve ever been in and I went through one of those full body machines for the first time. I know, they’ve been out for a while, but as I realized on this trip, I’ve been out of the country for a few years and one can miss a lot in that time. (Is everyone on Instagram? What is this mid-day happy hour with $3 glasses of wine and how can I bring it to the UK? How did Chobani’s greek yogurt get so popular?)

I find that the movie audio is absolutely horrible on flights so I tried to pick the mindless action movies to watch. I really wanted to see Anna Karenina and Lincoln but those are way too dialogue heavy so I settled for End of Watch, Looper and Total Recall. I really liked End of Watch and will probably try and watch it again so I can hear it better and Danny can see it.

We got to Heathrow around 11 am the next day and after clearing immigration and security we were starving and picked the exact same restaurant as last year – Giraffe. I love this place because it’s a perfect US/UK transition. I got massive chunky chips with my chicken sandwich and they have no free refills on their £2.50 Diet Coke but I also got loads of avocado and they have Chipotle Tabasco. It’s the closest I’ll get to California cuisine and I really wish we had one in Glasgow.


The LHR-GLA was fine, we got a taxi home and then immediately jumped into the car to pick up our cat-baby Fernando. He was not impressed that we had abandoned him for two weeks but like my jet lag, I think he’s over the worst of it.


Working 2 to 10, what a way to make a living

Since I know no one is reading this blog (haven’t told anyone about it yet) it really doesn’t matter if I forget to update for two weeks!

My absence is due to my new job. I started on February 13 and have been covering the US shift for the first three weeks of my contract. It’s 2 pm to 10 pm which is a nice change from my previous hours of 8 am to 6 pm and I get to sleep in! I go back to a normal 9 to 5 on Monday. Will nice in some ways but I’ve also really enjoyed the benefits of a late shift  – being able to watch daytime TV and the aforementioned sleeping in of course.

It has been hard to get into a schedule since I know this is just a temporary position. Also, Danny’s been working overtime every night so both our schedules are out of whack. I’ve been eating grocery store sandwiches and crisps for dinner or coming home at 10 and eating a huge meal. Then in the morning I sleep in and eat a small breakfast and a rushed lunch before leaving to catch my train at 1:30. I’m hoping to get into more of a routine once I work the 9 to 5. I’ll be able to cook again! I cooked and baked a lot during my time off work and I have so many recipe ideas that I want to try out and didn’t have a chance before I started working again. And as much I as love staying up late, it’ll be good to get back into a more normal schedule and feel like I’m part of the normal working world.

However for tomorrow I am truly embracing my alternative schedule. I have a couple of parties in the next few weeks and I’ve decided that I need new dresses for all of them. One party may involve a day trip to the Ayr horse races then straight on to an engagement party in the city centre. Going to see what’s new in the shops that will fit the bill!