Something Kinda Ooh

Danny’s away to his work’s Christmas night out/leaving do. I saw him off at 3 pm and don’t expect him back before 3 am.

I’m left here in the flat with Fernando, a half bottle of Pinot and Saturday night telly. To be honest, I don’t really have much to watch since X Factor finished but I’ve settled on a Girls Aloud documentary for now.

Don’t know who Girls Aloud are? You must not be familiar with noughties Britain. They’re the product of a talent show called Popstars The Rivals from 2002. I was obsessed with them from 2007-2009, then they decided to take a break and work separately on other projects. So basically as soon as I got here, they broke up.

can't speak french

But luckily, one of the group, Cheryl Cole nรฉe Tweedy went out on her own as a solo artist and did pretty well for herself. So my obsession transferred to her. Keep in mind I was 23 at the time so I really have no excuse. She got married in July 2006 to a philandering footballer and shameful to say, but it was part of my wedding inspiration.


Um, yeah. I think a kilt is a lot better looking than a shiny gold jacket, but we can’t all marry a Scotsman. Once I bought my dress (completely independent of her) I looked to this wedding as an inspiration for all my accessories. See, SHAMEFUL! I also took this picture to my hairdresser’s for inspiration and almost bought a tiara like hers until my mom talked me out of it.

Now Girls Aloud are back with a new single and a new ‘Best Of’ album. And what do they come out with? Identical orange dresses.

wedding party girls aloud

Thankfully, I didn’t ask my bridesmaids to sport a topknot. That’s something that needs to be confined to nights in like tonight. But Girls Aloud are touring in 2013 and I think this is a sign that as the soundtrack to my (very) early twenties I need to be there!